Hi there, I'm Holly!

I genuinely love what I do. I love making miniatures for my dollhouse and then making a few extras for you too. This little business of mine helps me offset my dollhouse costs. Plus, I enjoy seeing my designs in your mini homes.

I live in the Denver area of Colorado and love it here. The weather is fantastic, and the views are pretty spectacular.

I am a graphic artist by trade and have been since the late 90s. For many years, I even ran a small photography studio in St. Louis, Missouri. I guess you can say my entire life has been all about design and making pretty things.

I secretly admit that I do love real home decor. And, I try to do as much as I can in my rental home that is allowed, and it's a fun challenge.

I recently left Etsy after researching and comparing costs and fees. So if you know me from there, welcome. I'm pleased to have my own home where I can truly make sure you are happy!

XOXO - Holly