Free Laundry Art Print for Dollhouse or Miniature

Free Laundry Art Print for Dollhouse or Miniature

Download this free laundry art print that can be used for your miniature or dollhouse.

Download this free printable laundry art that can be used for your miniature or dollhouse. Sign up at for a new miniature freebie every month.

This free printable set comes in a zip file with: the art as a PNG file, the frame as an SVG file and a PNG of the frame with written descriptions.

Using Cricut Design Space to Print then Cut the Free Miniature Laundry Art Print

I like using my Cricut to cut out my art prints because my hands are not as steady anymore. It gives me a clean and accurate cut. You can certainly do this with regular scissors or a paper trimmer.

  • With Cricut Design Space open, tap New Project
  • Then tap Upload on the left column menu. Here you will upload the PNG of the print.
  • Tap Upload Image and locate the PNG file of the print.
  • Choose Complex on the next screen and tap the Continue button.
  • You don’t have to do anything on the next screen except tap the Apply & Continue button.
  • On the next screen, you can name your file. Tap the Print then Cut on the right option and then tap the Upload button.
  • Now the file is uploaded to your Cricut library.
  • Next, let’s add the file to your cutting screen.
  • You should see the file in the library recent section – tap it and then choose to Add to Canvas.
  • When bringing in PNG files to Cricut Design Space it may enlarge the file. While the PNG is on your canvas go up to the dimensions and type in 2 inches in the width. As long as your aspect ratio is locked it will automatically adjust the height.
  • Now let’s print and cut the miniature laundry sign.
  • Tap the Make It green button in the top right corner.
  • On the next screen, tap Continue.
  • I use an Epson ET 4700 for printing. I also use the Epson Presentation Paper for these types of projects. So my screen may look different from yours.
  • Tap Send to Printer. Here you will choose the paper settings for your printer. But first, you should tap on Use System Dialogue. This will bring up the printer system dialogue behind your screen (you will need to move the Circut screen so you can see it). And, you can choose a paper type and quality. Leave the Bleed option turned on.
  • I choose Print Settings, Media Type: Presentation Paper Matte, and Print Quality: High.
  • Print the file.
  • Once your file is complete, add it to your cutting mat. I tape my sides down if my mat is not super sticky anymore.
  • This next setting may or may not work for you – this depends on your blade. I choose Heavy Cardstock and More on Pressure – for me it works best on this paper and my blade.
  • There you go!

Using the Frame SVG File with Your Glowforge

I use my Glowforge laser cutter for everything. You can also use this SVG with your Cricut or Silhouette with your knife blades and a 2mm type of basswood. For this project, I’m using the Light Walnut Proofgrade from Glowforge to cut my frame.

  • Start by opening the Glowforge App.
  • Upload the SVG file. I included two frames. one with a scoreline set up on the corners to make it look like you mitered the corners. You may not be able to use this with Cricut so delete the one you don’t want to use.
  • Arrange your file on your wood so it fits properly.
  • Next, rearrange your layers so the score dashes are first. This is always important to do because cutting small pieces first may cause them to shift and not be aligned.
  • Since I’m using Light Walnut I can use the Proofgrade settings.
  • I choose Score SD for the score lines and Cut for the shapes.
  • Easy peasy!

Assembling The Miniature Laundry Art and Frame

  • Using a little mod podge, place a thin layer on the front of your frame backer and place the print. You may need to use something to keep it flat until it dries completely.
  • Once that is dry, add a little wood glue to your frame back and glue down in place. I use these clamps I got from Amazon to hold down the corners.

Download this free printable laundry art that can be used for your miniature or dollhouse. Sign up at for a new miniature freebie every month.

Secret Tip!

My secret to getting those white edges of the paper to not show is to use a brown Crayola marker to color over them. I don’t use stain because it will bleed. The marker tends to do the trick better!

Voila! Your laundry art print is ready to hang in your dollhouse laundry room.

How Do I Get the Free Laundry Art Print for Miniatures?

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