Making a Miniature Laundry Room Diorama Room Box

This miniature laundry room diorama was fun and an excellent way to push me to try smaller projects aside from the giant dollhouse. Learn how I made this by watching the free video tutorial on my brand-new YouTube channel! Please subscribe. When you hit that subscribe button and like my videos, it tells the algorithm you want to see more miniature content and helps push my videos out. Being new is a struggle, so any help you can provide I will be so grateful to you!

I will be posting new videos every single Saturday!

Now, on to the miniature tutorial.

Making a Miniature Laundry Room Diorama Room Box

I’ll show you my entire process in this miniature diorama tutorial on making a 1:12 scale laundry room box design. This kit can be purchased in the shop, and I hope you use my free video tutorial as inspiration.

Here are more photos of the miniature laundry room:

Purchase the Miniature Laundry Room DIY Kit

Laundry Room Kit (you can purchase the entire set or the roombox, shelving with sink and countertop, or the washer and dryer set separately.

Things I made not available for purchase at this time:

  • hangers
  • laundry cart (still perfecting and will probably list this later)
  • plants
  • light
  • faucet (I cut this from the laser, but you can find better 3d printed on Etsy)

I hope you enjoy this video and will follow me each week. Follow my new channel here. Subscribe, like, comment! I had a lot of fun making this miniature laundry room with a washer and dryer and other pieces. It’s really my style and I would love one just like this in my home!

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